Guideline for participating teams:

1) Participating team could be from any college affiliated to any university based in Gujarat in U.G/P.G/Other Program.

2) Each team should have minimum 2 girls and maximum 8 students.

3) Each team should have members having good programming,technology skills who can make attempt to solve the problem statements.

4) Each team should have a faculty mentor who would be guiding the team.

5) Each team has to choose any one problem statement from the list given by any department of Government of Gujarat.

6) The team has to remain present during the launch of the program by Hon. Chief Minster of Gujarat on 26th Sept 2017

7) After launching of the program students will work on the challenges and submit final proposal/Proof of concept by 31st Dec 2017.

8) In January 2018 Grand finale of the Gujarat Hackathon will be organized. Best teams will participate in MHRD Hackathon in Feb. 2018.

9) Awards will be given in below categories Award prize to 1st /2nd /3rd team

1. Best all girls team prize
2. Popular Choice award
3. Citation for Institution having maximum participation: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
4. Govt. Of Gujarat Departments can give their own awards also for solutions picked up by them